you matter, your case is ours

your case, your pursuit of happiness

« Pursuit » implies an earnest endeavor, an effort.

Do you have problems with your stay in Belgium?
Or are you looking for help in obtaining a work permit for an employee who wishes to work in Belgium?

Thanks to our many years of experience in immigration law, we are the experts for securing your stay.

Our personal approach and extensive expertise ensure that we know which procedure(s) to use for the best possible result (p. ex.: single permit, family reunification, acquiring Belgian nationality, and humanitarian visas).

You can always reach us via Telephone 050/31.41.30, E-mail or Whatsapp +32 (0) 472 / 78.50.51.

Our team

Immigration law in all its facets.

During an initial exploratory meeting, we listen to your story and together we look for the most efficient and correct solution for your concerns. You can contact us for the various branches of immigration law. Below you will find some examples, more information can also be found on our legal branches page.

Single permit

As an employer, have you found the perfect foreign employee (who wants to come and work in Belgium) for a vacancy that you cannot fill based on the available labor in Belgium? We help you through the tangle of legislation so that you as an employer can concentrate on your core tasks. This procedure is certainly also a solution for many small and intermediate companies in Belgium.

Family reunification

We can help you reunite your family (p. ex.: children, fiancé, spouse,…) so that everyone is together in Belgium.

Also during the preparatory procedures (p. ex.: adoption, marriage, legal cohabitation, recognition of the children, etc.), are we your suitable partner.

Acquire Belgian Nationality

After years of integrating and putting your best foot forward, Belgium has become your home country. Acquiring Belgian nationality is the icing on the cake. However, this is not always easy, we are happy to help you.

Humanitarian Visa

If you are not entitled to stay in Belgium, you can sometimes come here based on humanitarian considerations. This is a favor for which each application is evaluated by the Immigration Office on an individual basis. A specialized and detailed approach to the procedure is a must!

Recognition of children

Being the biological parent, you are unable to get recognized as a legal parent and have your children registered in your name?

Under Belgian law (except in certain cases), you can start a recognition procedure if you are not married to the mother. We can help you with that.

Other procedures

You can also contact us for other procedures under the immigration law such as application for international protection (asylum), migration, residence permit (including humanitarian and medical regularisations), short and long stay,  stateless procedure,  human rights, adoption, ‘fake’ marriage, temporary permits, appeal procedure against the refusal to recognize a foreign civil status certifícate,  the procedure of unaccompanied minor,  obtaining long-term resident status or converting such status from another EU country to Belgium, cases related to private international law, etc.


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Our Mission

The Spanish word ‘Amistad‘ means friendship.

We are ready for you with a service on a human scale in a globalized world.

Although many boundaries have become blurred, the world has not become simpler or more gentle. New walls and legal obstacles prevent not only people but also entrepreneurs from achieving their dreams. Our goal is to tackle these together with you.

Inalienable human rights for everyone remain the line we draw in the sand. Where not all rights are absolute, this pursuit itself is subject to no limits.

Our priorities are accessibility for everyone, solution-oriented work, and honest advice. That is why the office is also actively pursuing mediation as an alternative method of dispute resolution.

At Amistadlaw you can count on a driven and dynamic team of lawyers and employees, headed by lawyer Sylvie Micholt.

You matter, your case is ours.

Your case, your pursuit of happiness.