Legal disciplines

Single Permit - Labor Immigration

As an employer of a small or intermediate company you have been looking for the right manpower for some time, the vacancy keeps open. You know a foreign employee (from the EU or another country) who is the ideal candidate.

The single permit procedure is then the solution.

Contact us and we will be happy to help you navigate through the tangle of legislation, so that you, as an employer, can concentrate on your core tasks.

This procedure is more than feasible for small and intermediate companies and not only for multinationals.

Family reunification - Family formation

You have been living separately for years and you want to live together with your family here in Belgium (p. ex: children, fiancé, spouse,…). The embassy, ​​the municipality, or the Immigration Department are always asking for different (and new) documents. You feel like they are pulling you down.

Then be sure to visit us. We are happy to provide clarity and advise you on how to proceed, we are also happy to assist you during the procedure from the beginning till the end.

A family reunification or formation procedure often requires a preparatory procedure such as p. ex. adoption, marriage, legal cohabitation, recognition of the children, recognition of foreign certificates, etc. We are also your optimal partner in these procedures.

Humanitarian Visa

If a family member, from whom you may have been separated for years and who had to stay behind in your country of origin, does not fall under the family reunification procedure, he or she can, in exceptional cases, invoke humanitarian considerations to obtain a right of residence in Belgium. This is a favor for which each application is considered by the Immigration Office on an individual basis. A specialized and detailed approach to the procedure is a must.

Acquire Belgian Nationality

After years of integrating and putting your best foot forward, Belgium has become your home country. Acquiring Belgian nationality is the icing on the cake.

However, this procedure does not run smoothly, even if you have worked enough during the last 5 years, you speak one of our national languages ​​and you are integrated into our society.

Sometimes there are preparatory procedures that must be completed first, p. ex. modification of the data in the certificates of the registrar of births, marriages, obtaining permission to replace your birth certificate with an affidavit, rehabilitation procedure, surname change procedure, etc.

We are also your ‘partner in crime’ for all of this.

Immigration law

At Amistadlaw we specialize in immigration Law and handle numerous procedures related to this. These include the following:

– application for international protection (asylum)
– procedure to obtain a humanitarian visa
– family reunification, family formation
– authorization to stay (including humanitarian and medical regularisations)
– short and long stay
– labor migration – single permit
– procedure stateless
– human rights
– adoption – both the preparation and the appeal procedures
– recognition of children – both the preparation and the appeal procedure
– ‘fake’ marriage – both the preparation and the appeal procedures
– obtaining the Belgian nationality
– temporary permits
– appeal procedure against the refusal to recognize a foreign civil status certificate
– procedure unaccompanied minor
– obtaining long-term resident status or conversion of such status from another EU country to Belgium
– cases related to private international law
– the various aspects related to migration



More and more disputes can be resolved efficiently and sustainably, whereby all parties can agree to the solution.

In mediation, an alternative solution to the conflict is sought in an atmosphere of confidentiality and mutual trust.

As a mediator, we are happy to facilitate mediation. Given our professionalism, the legal security of the commitments attached to it is assured.

This can concern civil, commercial, and family matters.