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First appointment

For a first appointment, we charge EUR 75. You can deposit this into the office account with the Iban number BE47 0689 0841 0380 and mention your name. Send us proof of payment and we will make the appointment.

All first appointments take place via video conference. The link will be forwarded to you. You can contact us by E-mail info@amistadlaw.be, Telephone 050/31.41.30 or Whatsapp +32 (0) 472 / 78.50.51.


Good cooperation goes hand in hand with an open discussion about the fees and costs that apply in our office.

We handle the rates as set out below. An initial commission is requested at the start of the procedure. During the procedure, an additional commission is requested depending on the services provided. At the end of the procedure, you will receive the final invoice with a detailed overview of all services performed and taking into account the commissions paid.

Office Costs: 
fixed rate: 50,00 EUR + 10,50 EUR TVA = 60,50 EUR
mails/sms/whatsapp sent 5,00 EUR + 1,05 EUR TVA = 6,05 EUR
mails/sms/whatsapp received 0,30 EUR + 0,06 EUR TVA = 0,36 EUR
normal letters 8,00 EUR + 1,68 EUR TVA = 9,68 EUR

registered letters 15,00 EUR + 3,15 EUR TVA = 18,15 EUR
registered letters of extraordinary scale 15 EUR Plus cost postal service + TVA
fax sent 7,50 EUR + 1,58 EUR TVA = 9,08 EUR
fax received 0,30 EUR + 0,06 EUR TVA = 0,36 EUR
Page typed 5,00 EUR + 1,05 EUR TVA = 6,05 EUR
photocopies 0,30 EUR + 0,06 EUR TVA = 0,36 EUR
outgoing phone call 0,10 EUR + 0,021 EUR TVA = 0,12 EUR
remuneration for distances (by kilometer) 0,50 EUR + 0,11 EUR TVA = 0,61 EUR

Honorarium hourly cost
Depends on the type of work and difficulty.
Between 75 EUR (excl. TVA) and 150 EUR (excl. TVA) (90,75 EUR incl. TVA) en 181,50 EUR (incl. TVA).

Costs of justice (of the court)
If paid by the law firm, they will be invoiced to the client.

Between the client and the lawyer there will be an agreement signed. A blanc agreement you find through this link.


In exceptional cases, we may agree to follow up your file in the context of the second-line legal assistance (pro deo lawyer). This is done under the supervision of lawyer Sylvie Micholt, the file is handled by the employees. The conditions for this have been established by the Office for Legal Aid of West Flanders. More information can be found on the website of the Flemish Bar Association. However, it is not because you are entitled to a pro deo lawyer that Amistadlaw will automatically handle the proceedings for you. You will be informed about this during the first consultation.